Electronic Product Development Firm in China

About our Electronic Product Development firm in China

PAG Electronics is an electronics product development and manufacturing company located in Shenzhen. We develop (design, conceptualization, prototyping, tooling), we manufacture (procurement, quality control, assembly) and we manage the supply chain (warehousing, shipping) for innovative electronic products on behalf of our customers .

We act as an Original Design Manufacturer to develop new products by turning idea and concept to physical and workable products while optimizing cost, quality, time-to-market, confidentiality.  

PAG Electronics is the behind-the-scenes partner in charge of bringing the most crazy electronics concept to life by managing all or part of the different stages related to product market launch: from concept to delivery, via prototyping, manufacturing, certification, quality control, packaging and storage.


Team of Electronic Product Development and Manufacturing Engineer in China 

PAG Electronics multicultural team is voluntary founded on the fundamental base of taking advantages of the best skills of each expert in his background and from its culture.

We voluntary combine western knowledge of overseas market for product design, manufacturing, quality control and certification with local knowledge of custom, business manner and market for procurement, sourcing, tooling, logistics, taxes and HR.

Our project team are mixing engineer, designer, purchaser, production manager in a non splitted way in order to share a global view of the projects that our clients entrust us


Experience in Electronic Product Development and Manufacturing in Asia

PAG Electronics top management have several years of experience in the following area: 

- Sourcing and Procurement (Supplier Identification, VAT Planning,  Export Procedure)
- Manufacturing and Production (Factory training)
- Inspection (Quality Control and Factory Audit)
- Product and Industrial Design (Molding)
- Engineering (Mechanics, Electronics, Telecom)


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Our company address


PAG Electronics - Shenzhen  

Shahe industry area, Baishizhou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, 518053, China

PAG Electronics - Shanghai

Room 1019, No.100 Nanshan Road, Shanghai, China