Toys Electronic Product Development in China

Developing, Engineering and Manufacturing of Toys

In toys and children products, electronic is more and more present as a way to bring modernity to new entertainment. Electronic in toys bring an extra level of creativity to those items so Electronic Product Development for toys is quite usual.

Toys market is an extremely dynamic market: trend are usually short and quickly changing. On this base, time to market is crucial and having an efficient and optimized electronic product development for toys is essential. New technology are more and more integrating toys and children items.

Most of the items which are involved in this industry are related to:

- RC toys
- Drone
- Electronic Doll and Pets
- Controlable toys (electric train, etc..)
- Educational toys
- Set top boxes
- Video Games
- Games and interactive Puzzle


Electronic Product Development of Toys

- electronic design of Toys
- electronic development of Toys
- mechanical engineering of Toys
- firmware customization and user interface ergonomic optimization


What special when developing and manufacturing Toys

Because electronic elements and components integrate those toys in high number and because toys are sensitive item in terms of regulation, Electronic Engineering can not be neglected.

Many different kind of technology related to electronic can be integrated in toys to enhance their usability: sensor, wireless, display, sound elements, etc.. and all of those element related to electronic engineering should be carefully chosen to fit the requirement and match low cost bill of material as toys industry is a competitive market.

Design and engineering of plastic enclosure also need to match toys market: some important consideration for toys have to be respected otherwise you can not achieve the certification (choose carefully material, design properly enclosure and parts etc...) and then you need to rework the engineering again.

Product Design is also an important point as toys are supposed to be visually appealing.

Finally, one of the most important point related to toys is safety and regulation: because those items are supposed to be use by children, safety and security can not be compromised. There is a high number of standard such as EN71, FDA, etc... which are concerning toys item and which have to be taken in consideration during engineering and design phase.

Work with us to develop and manufacture your Toys  

We are used to manufacture and develop toys for western market. Not only in terms of electronic engineering we have confidence and capability to assist you with your toys, but also for manufacturing and compliance.


We know well the regulation for electronic toys in western countries, hence you will save a lot of time working with us and it will ensure you to have your product to be compliant on the first shot without involving to engineer again your product.

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