Power Management Electronic Product Development

Developing, Engineering and Manufacturing of Power Management Device

With development of our mobility, energy and power management have become a major concern for people using electrical and electronic devices. Handheld device batteries are not lasting long enough, remote area don't have direct access to energy etc... This is as much needs that require an extra support for power management and power supply.

New way of charging, such as wireless charging are also appearing

Most of the items which are involved in this industry are related to:

- power bank
- integrated solar panel
- batteries management (BMS, PCM)
- charging interface (wireless such as QI and wired)
- energy transformation and storage (UPS)


Electronic Product Development of Power Management devices 

- electronic design of power management devices 
- electronic development of power management devices 
- mechanical engineering of power management devices 
- firmware customization and user interface ergonomic optimization


What special when developing and manufacturing of Power Management devices 

When operating product development, engineering and manufacturing of power management devices a great care is brought to manage with optimizing efficiency, life cycle, charging fastness, spacing and capacity.

It may looks easy to manufacture some batteries based product but it actually require a substantial dose of engineering to make sure the product will be able to handle a high number of life cycle (charge / discharge). Some point such as battery protection and booster components have to be strategically selected to optimize design.

When considering power management device to be developed, the efficiency of the system should also be considered to be optimized, this is particularly true for solar panel based device.


Work with us to develop and manufacture your Power Management Device 

China is currently the number one producer of battery in the world and number one producer of solar panel. We are strategically positioned to develop for you, your power management device made of solar panel, batteries, energy transformer and other charging  device.

We regularly work with batteries manufacturers to integrates their part into new product development project.

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