Industrial Device Electronic Product Development in China

Development and Design for Industrial Controler in China

When considering electronic product development and manufacturing, there is not only consumer and personal devices. Industrial equipment are also a range of product that can be developed and optimized for manufacturing.

Development of such items are usually longer and most costly than personal and consumer devices and

A few example of industrial product which can be engineered and manufactured :

- Motor Controller
- Machine Controller
- Safety item Controller
- Measurement Controller
- Pump Controller
- Cylinder Controller
- Batch Controller
- Robot Controller
- Curent and voltage transformer

Area of applications are numerous : from the oil and gas industry , trough factory management, water pump management.

Electronic Product Development of Industrial Equipment

- electronic design of industrial controller
- electronic development of industrial controller
- mechanical engineering for industrial controller
- firmware customization and user interface ergonomic optimization


What special when developing and manufacturing an industrial controller in China

Product Development of Electronic Industrial item require to consider numerous criteria and parameters that can influence design and make design failing. A few of them only: environment (temperature, humidity, pressure), robustness, life aging, security (explosion proof), standard and certification.

When designing such product a large period related to testing has to be considering to make sure the final device is fully reliable, stabilize and capable to handle properly the requirement of industrial environment.

A good knowledge of both electronic and electrical is generally required to manage with high current and voltage.


Work with us to develop and manufacture your electronic industrial equipment

Part of our team engineers have been involved in engineering of industrial control and industrial machine. We have to our disposal reliable resources to be able to optimize cost and functioning of your electronic and electrical equipment for industrial controller and equipment.

We are in-touch with electronic and electrical part eco-system in China and in Asia.

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