Lighting LED Electronic Product Development in China

Developing, Engineering and Manufacturing of Lighting & LED

Since the apparition of high efficiency LED for lighting device involving high consumption reduction, LED have become a major market for lighting industry.  LED are now omnipresent in our daily life.

Most of the item which are involved in this industry are related to:

- roof top lighting
- lighting strip
- outdoor lighting
- led panel
- torch
- led lamp
- led gadget
- toys
- wearable lighting device

Electronic Product Development of Lighting and LED device  

- electronic design of Lighting and LED Device 
- electronic development of Lighting and LED Device 
- mechanical engineering of Lighting and LED Device 
- firmware customization and user interface ergonomic optimization


What special when developing and manufacturing of Lighting and LED Device 

Product Development of Lighting and LED device require some skills not only in electronic but also in optic. Indeed, if most of electronic part is focused on lighting controller, an important area of lighting is related to optic and wave propagation.

When considering developing and engineering lighting product design is important for aesthetic reason but more importantly hardware engineering play an important role in the success of this kind of item because it is all related to efficiency of system: provide the maximum of lighting power while consuming the minimum of energy.

Light diffusion and spreading is mostly optimized by considering mechanical and design consideration

Another important point related to engineering and manufacturing of lighting product is related to electronic and electrical device as those items are usually highly regulated by quality standard on different market, so design and engineering before manufacturing is crucial


Work with us to develop and manufacture your Lighting and LED Device 

China has become one of the major manufacturing area for LED and lighting items. We usually work on high complex items involving LED system with complex controler. We also frequently supervise mass production of lighting and led items. It goes from the most common simple item such as led torch to more complex items such as interconnected LED lighting network.

We have confidence and capability in designing Lighting end LED item optimized for manufacturing purpose.

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