Developing Electronic Product Security and Safety in China

With development of new technology (optical, sensor, network, wireless, etc...) the safety and security system industry got more and more developed. Recent start up such as Nest have proved how the safety and home automation can be integrated with Internet of Things in order to ease and increase comfort and security for people.

Most of the item which are involved in this industry are related to:

- Smoke detector
- Alarm system
- Camera system
- E-locker
- Identification device
- Access Management
- Personal security
- Biometric solution

Area of applications are numerous : from the industrial facility premises till the personal home.


Electronic Product Development of Safety and Security device  

- electronic design of Safety and Security device 
- electronic development of Safety and Security device 
- mechanical engineering for Safety and Security device 
- firmware customization and user interface ergonomic optimization


What special when developing and manufacturing Safety and Security device in China

Product Development of Electronic security and safety device item requires proper engineering skills to make sure the product you are developing will be reliable (will work at every time, consistently and in any situation).

Those products require a true experience and expertise while developing and coding firmware. Recent safety and security device also integrate possibility to have a connection to the Internet via a gateway. On this base, knowledge about senor functioning, calibration, measurement, telecommunication, and networks is essential.

More and more device integrate the possibility to use a cloud application to control device at distance. Having software application coding capability is also on the game if you want to offer to your customer with on-line based manageable device.

Work with us to develop and manufacture your safety and security electronic system

Based in Shenzhen China our team is involved in the biggest asian electronic and IT ecosystem. We have direct access to all components, parts, sensor, and other IT and networks elements we need to be able to build up your security and safety system.

We have also experience on project related to measurement and metering. We are used to work with national certifiying and accredited body to make sure your product will pass the certification needed for your distribution in your own country.

Our capability also extend the part and enclosure, engineering, design, tooling manufacturing, and mass production. On this base, not only the electronic part is optimized but the design, ergonomic and mechanical structure too.

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