Computer Parts - Multimedia Electronic Product Development in China

Developing, Engineering and Manufacturing of Multimedia - Computer Parts

Since 1990 with coming of PC, computer has become a common item found in every company and every house. Back late in the 90's multimedia area is rapidly increasing with the coming up of the Internet access. Computer parts and multimedia item mix both hardware and software

Most of the item which are involved in this industry are related to:

- USB Hub
- Webcam
- Keyboard
- Mouse
- Joystick & Gamepad
- Power Supply
- Mass Storage (External Hard Drive, USB Key)
- Screen display
- Peripheral converter
- Printer
- SD Card reader
- Speaker


Electronic Product Development of Computer Parts and Multimedia device  

- electronic design of Computer Parts and Multimedia device 
- electronic development of Computer Parts and Multimedia device    
- mechanical engineering of Computer Parts and Multimedia device 
- firmware customization and user interface ergonomic optimization


What special when developing and manufacturing of Computer Parts and Multimedia device 

Product Development of Computer Parts and Multimedia device require some skills in several aspect of product development. Of course, product design is important for aesthetic but more importantly hardware, firmware and software engineering play an important role in the success of this kind of item.

When designing  such items you need to make sure about the compatibility of the electronic device with operating system set up on the computer that the device will be plugged too. On this base, firmware and driver coding is essential and has to be optimized to work with a maximum of device.

For computer parts, compatibility with other parts (motherboard) is crucial and mechanical design have to be very accurate to make sure your connectors or parts can fit all together properly.


Work with us to develop and manufacture your Computer Parts and Multimedia device 

Based in Shenzhen China our team is involved in the biggest asian electronic and IT ecosystem. We have direct access to all components, parts, sensor, and other IT and networks elements we need to be able to build up your Computer Parts and Multimedia device.

99% of computer parts and multimedia accessories are made in Shenzhen and we have a deep experience in developing and manufacturing this kind of item. We have experienced in the past some manufacturing and engineering challenging for very accurate spacing and tool making such a connector.


We have capabilities and confidence to design, develop and manufacture almost any product you need for computer and multimedia 

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