Video Electronic Product Development in China

Developing, Engineering and Manufacturing of Vision and Video Device

Electronics definitely touch Vision and Video Device which are mostly used to interact with user. Usually used  for displaying information, video and vision device take more and more space in the current electronic eco-system.

From the incandescent bulb used by old computer to 4K LED panel trough DLP into smart glasses, visualize and display information has never been so important. This also include sensor for acquiring signal as input.

Most of the items which are involved in this industry are related to:

- camera (CMOS, etc..)
- pico-projector
- DLP device
- TV and Screen
- Smartglasses
- Set top boxes


Electronic Product Development of Vision and Video Device

- electronic design of Vision and Video Device
- electronic development of Vision and Video Device
- mechanical engineering of Vision and Video Device
- firmware customization and user interface ergonomic optimization


What special when developing and manufacturing Vision and Video Device

Development of Digital Video product are special in the way that it require some engineering skills in Digital Signal Processing, transformation of analog signal into digital one, treatment, etc...

It also require knowledge about optics, lighting, multimedia. Driver engineering, aka firmware engineering is essential as it will managed with all those technical aspects related to the product development of your video related device.


Work with us to develop and manufacture your Vision and Video Device

China is currently the number one producer of battery in the world and number one producer of solar panel. We are strategically positioned to develop for you, your Vision and Video Devicemade of solar panel, batteries, energy transformer and other charging  device.


We regularly work with batteries manufacturers to integrates their part into new product development project.

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