Handheld Electronic Product Development in China

Product Developpment of Handheld Electronic Device.

With mobility and portability being daily present in our life, handheld products have probably become the most used product on the planet. Today, everybody got handheld device whatever it is for personal or professional use

Most known handheld device being :

- Mobile Phone and Smartphone
- Tablet PC
- Media Player (MP3 / MP4)
- E-Book
- Talkie Walkie
- Remote control
- Games

- Scanner
- Rugged device for military and outdoor environment
- Tool accessories (analyzer, laser , measurer)

Are usually associated other devices such as wearable devices, mobile accessories, or appcessories.


Our capability cover the Electronic Development of Handheld product

- electronic design of handheld product
- electronic development of handheld product
- mechanical engineering for handheld product
- firmware customization and user interface ergonomic optimization


What special when developping handheld product 

Product Development, Engineering and Manufacturing of Electronic Handheld Product are facing many challenges related to high mobility (hence requiring strong construction and reliable engineering to handle vibration, potential shock, acceleration, etc...), high compactness due to restricted spacing, long lasting battery and power consumption optimization, light weight, resistive to environment conditions (potential rugged device can be created),  ergonomic so customer can hand it properly...

Fragility vs compactness vs weight are often the main challenge of handheld product.

In a extra compact product, heat dissipation is also a challenge to consider.


Why develop handhel product in China and with us

We are ideally located in Shenzhen to answer challenge related to handheld product. We have long experience with managing with product requiring spacing optimization and rugged casing. We frequently work with tool maker specialized in over molding , bi-injection to create product that will not break at the first shock, will handle aging.

We also select components carefully considering space, aging life, heat dissipation so your products can be optimized in every aspect from the conception till the manufacturing. We consider manufacturing point from the beginning of the engineering, so that cost are also optimized.

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