Legal IP and Patent Protection for Electronic Product Development in China

Protecting Intellectual Property and Patent in China

If we have capability to mitigate and reduce risk to get your product to be knocked off in China by implementing Intellectual Property Protection, it is always usefull to have implemented legal Intellectual Property Protection and Patent filling implementation before starting any project of development and manufacturing in China, and this especially if you plan later on to distribute your product in China.


How we perform Intellectual Property Protection and Patent implementation in China

PAG Electronics is an Electronic Product Development Company in China specialized in Electronic Engineering, Design and Manufacturing. We are not an attorney firm, however we have strong relationship with well connected partners to help with patent filling, legal intellectual property protection, law enforcement, and litigation.

If you want to protect your idea 100%, you will not only need Operationnal Intellectual Property Protection but also Legal Intellectual Property Protection. We accompany most of our customers in this process of Intellectual Property Protection Preparation


Benefits of performing working with us for protecting your best selling idea.

We have been in China for long. We have developped a network of valuable partners who can assist you in feeling properly and efficiently patent to protect your idea, your design, your concept and your market.

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