Plastic Part Prototype Fabrication Assembly in China

Why to make plastic prototype for electronic product development in China

Once the mechanical engineering is done and if your design include some plastic parts, you may need to prototype those plastic parts to make sure the engineering did the design properly. You will also need those parts to perform the full assembly of your full prototype.


Our solution to realize plastic part rapid prototyping in China 

We usually ensure a fast turn around and an effective follow up to perform rapid prorotyping of plastic parts. There are several possibility to realize plastic parts protoyping but the most used are CNC machining, SLA/ SLS, Vacum Casting, 3D Printing.


What do we do during plastic prototyping  in China

Our Mechanical Engineer will supervise rapid prototyping for plastic parts by coordinating and piloting our rapid prootyper partners, and will ensure quality control on those parts.


Your benefit using our plastic part prototyping service in China

Naturally, once the mechanical engineering is done, you will enjoy getting a piece of the plastic part that will fit into the enclosure of your product and with other parts and PCBA. You will enjoy the quick turnaround of our plastic part prototyping service.

The prototype can be use in several way: First it is a right way to perform testing, validate the engineering, it is perfect to establish a first reference design but it is also an opportunity to have a physical product that can be introduced for marketing purpose to potential client and investor before engaging fund in mould manufacturing and mass production.

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