Special Material Prototype Assembly in China

Why to perform special material part prototype assembly while electronic product development in China

Sometimes your product will not include only plastic, metal and electronic. In some case you may need to assembly other material parts such as leather, rubber, carton, glass, wood, any precious metal or any other material etc...

Every material got his own way to be transformed and manufactured and it makes every case to be special.


Our solution to perform special material prototype in China 

Depending on the material which we need to prototype the part, we will assess every transformer, by understanding their transformation process, we will appropriate the knowledge about what is critical and what is not, after we get fully capable to advice, support and follow up those transformers. 

We have access a wide network of ressources for performing special part prototyping and we work in tandem with those partners hand to hand to ensure a quick turnaround and a perfect processing of the part.


What do we do during special part prototyping 

Our Mechanical Engineer will supervise rapid prototyping for those special material parts by coordinating and piloting our rapid prootyper partners, and will ensure quality control on those parts. 


Your benefit using our special material part prototyping service in China

Naturally, once the mechanical engineering is done, and if some special material are supposed to be used for manufacturing and prototyping, there is high chance those special material being expensive. You can not afford to take risk your prototyping people to fail making the part your need and this at expensive cost.

We keep an eye on all those people during prototyping process, so that you can peacefully focus your mind on preparing your sales and funding plan.

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