CE Certification during Electronic Engineering

Why performing CE electronic product certification while performing electronic engineering ?

To be able to sell electronic product on the european market you need to comply with law and regulation of this market. On this base your product has to be tested and certified. If you don't comply with law regulation you take the risk to get your product being blocked by the custom at destination. In case your product is proven to be no compliant and potential become harmfull for customer then you wil lbe directly responsible and no insurance will cover you for product liability


What solution we provide for electronic product certification during product development of electronic or IT product ?

We work closely with accredited laboratory and accredited body to perform testing and certification for electronic product so that to make sure your product is compliant with european market. Not only they test the product but we also gather all the necessary information to make sure the test can be passed.


How do we perform electronic product certification ?

Jointly working with accredited laboratory we will handle sample delivery at the lab and will communicate directly with the laboratory to perform test and certification. 


What benefit do you get when contracting with us for electronic product certification.

Not only you benefit getting access to local lab at better cost, but you also save time because we handle testing, lab management, certification directly at the source. Not only you will save your time, you will also avoid risk of failure of your test. 

We work closely with laboratory during the engineering phase of your product to make sure the product can be compliant with the test. We integrate the market and testing constraints at the earliest stage of the developpement of your prouct. 

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