FCC Certification during Electronic Engineering

Why perform electronic FCC certification while performing electronic engineering ?

If you wish to sell your product in the USA, you will need to complain with law and regulations of this territory. FCC is specifically targeting electronic product in the USA. 

Importers who wish to sell telecom, licensed RF, and low powered transmitters in the United States must have their products tested by FCC listed or accredited lab and certified by the FCC for EMC/Telecom compliance. 

Importing electronic product without getting them certified may make your business at risk and push the cusom border to block your container or your shipment. For this reason, getting your electronics product being compliant with FCC regulation is essential.


What solution we provide for electronic product fcc certification during product development of electronic or IT product ?

We provide FCC testing and certification services that will help get your products to market faster, enabling greater sales and revenue potential overall. 


How do we perform fcc electronic product certification ?

We work in partnership with accredited laboratory being fully licencied to perform FCC testing and certification for your product


What benefit do you get when contracting with us for electronic product certification.

Not only you will save cost working with us because we will handle the full process directly in Asia , but you will also save time because we will handle all the coordination, the logistic, and we will take in consideration of those technical constraints during the engineering and manufacturing phase.

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