UL Certification during Electronic Engineering

Why perform UL certification while performing electronic engineering ?

When engaging in electronic or electrical appliance devices the safety is always a concern. The USA take it seriously and recommend to certify according to UL standard for products who potentially can be dangerous for human being. This is particularly targetting product with high power who can potentially provok electric shock and start fire.

UL is usually a non compulsory requirement but it helps to give confidence to the market about your product safety, so this is a marketing tool and advantage.


What solution we provide for electronic product UL certification during product development of electronic or IT product ?

Base on your product classification we have capability to assist you in deciding wether or not your product should be UL certified or not. If there is a real need for it we will let you know in advanced what need to be done to make sure your product can pass the test. 


How do we perform UL electronic product certification ?

We work hand to hand with accredited partner capable to test and certify your products againt UL standard. We coordinate between the different stakeholders involved in the project to make sure the logistic is ensured properly and that testing and ceritfication can be effectively made properly and on time.


What benefit do you get when contracting with us for electronic product UL certification.

We will advice you about your product and what you shoudl do regarding this certification which the directive are not always clear. We will also prepare everything to make sure you can pass the test and get ceritifed properly and quickly.

We will take in consideration this requirement during the engineering phase.

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