Developing, Engineering and Manufacturing of Glucometer

With development of technologies such as wireless, connectivity, and wearable , Medical and Sport Device have recently taken a new curve in our daily life.

App-cessories have become omnipresent and more and more device are fully stuffed with electronic.

Medical and Sport Device market is currently extremely dynamic and it seems to be the current trend to be on for New Product Development.

Fitness devices are usually integrating sensor to measure activity of human body. The information coming from those sensor is then processed by a Processing Unit according to a decided algorithm

With the apparition of Bluetooth Low Energy, wearable device for fitness equipment is becoming very popular. Items such as Pedometer, Heart Rate Monitor, Cycling meter and many more are on the way to become the most used items with Bluetooth Low Energy device.

Most of the items which are involved in this industry are related but without being limited to:

- Fitness device
- Pedomedeter
- Glucometer
- Cardiometer
- Tensometer
- Scale
- Bike meter
- Measurement device
- Thermometer
- Healthmeter
- Analyzer


Electronic Product Development of Glucometer

- electronic design of Medical and Sport Device
- electronic development of Medical and Sport Device
- mechanical engineering of Medical and Sport Device
- firmware customization and user interface ergonomic optimization


What special when developing and manufacturing Glucometer

Those items are full of electronic and usually integrate a high number of sensor. Sensor have to gather signal, and then it needs to be interpreted properly for data to be analyzed and used to feed database or provide some feedback to the user. Since they measure signal, they mostly have to be accurate, with fast response and capable to handle stress and long life cycle.

It require some engineering skills in signal analysis data storage management. For items which


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We have great experience in product development and manufacturing of Healthcare and Fitness device. We have embraced the wave of wearable and connected device dedicated for health, wellness  and sport.

Our experience in mechanical engineering associated with electronic engineering will allow you to accelerate and optimize your product development of medical and sport device.

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