Developing, Engineering and Manufacturing of Gamepad

Trend of Gamepad becoming also a promotional item kept going to spread around the word. With Bluetooth 4 new standard, this is also Bluetooth Gamepad who recently get developed and went on the market.

There are several possible applications with Gamepad. Among the most common application:

- Gamepad for promotional
- High end Gamepad
- Bluetooth Gamepad

Electronic Product Development of Gamepad with our Electronic Product Development Firm

- electronic design of Gamepad
- electronic development of Gamepad
- mechanical engineering of Gamepad
- firmware customization and user interface ergonomic optimization


What special when developing and manufacturing Gamepad

Gamepad are small device and have high requirement on spacing constraint, on this base mechanical design and engineering optimization is an important point to consider.

Gamepad electronic engineering also require audio and acoustic skills to be able to supply your customer with an excellent customer experience.

When considering product development of Gamepad, choice of components is absolutely critical. Positioning, spacing and design related to motion engineering is also a critical point in product performance.

Some other mechanical elements such as cable, pin connector, quality of wire, and ergonomic are also to consider to make sure the robustness of your product. Finally the ergonomic and comfort are the first priority: design properly shape of part is more important than anything else and this to avoid compromising comfort of the user.

Finally, when considering engineering of Gamepad several industry area apply: acoustic, fluid physic, electronic, and mechanic.


Work with us to develop and manufacture your Gamepad

We have confidence and capability to accompany your project of Gamepad manufacturing and product development to make your project successful in a very short period of time. Our engineering team work closely with acoustic expert in order to optimize your product technically.


We have significant manufacturing experience for Gamepad manufacturing.

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