Electronic Product Development and Western Attitude

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The goal of our electronic product development company in China

Our goal is simple: help our clients and partners to develop quickly and efficiently their electronic product at competitive cost, and this to be on time on their market and generate rapid success and recoginition.

On the base of commitment, trust, and transparency, we help our customers to operate cost reduction, control quality and keep safe their intellectual property in Asia while developing and manufacturing their electronics product with original design and functionnality to stay one step ahead the competiton.

Although being behind the scene, we consider your success as being our own success. We get satisfaction from getting you being satisfied and by seeing you enjoying to achieve what your potential competitor could not.

We are proud to help and assist you with complex and original product and achieving your goals. Feel free to contact us if you want to discuss your needs.


Confidentiality when developping electronic product in China

We consider confidentiality as a keystone of our activity. We develop new products supposed to be ahead the competition of our client and for this reason (in order to produce a "Wow" effect) it is absolutely essential for them their project to remain confidential and undisclose untill they decide to do so. We fully understand those crucial elements and we commit in those principles too.

You will never see any of your product developped with us to appear on any website (not even ours to promote our capability), B2B platform, tradeshow, company introduction, etc... We embrace fully this confidentiality attitude and we hope you will understand it when asking us for references.


Management Principles of our electronic product design company

We have strong comitment on what we do and the way we shape our mind to approach a project as a particularity of turning idea into successfull product. We believe in people and in system. 

We believe in people because this is people who create system and because this is people who generate originality, idea and new concept. We believe also in system, because system is what implement discipline, processus, allow to control and minimize risk and mistake possibility. Below a few motto we live and breath in our company: 

- Be able to operate auto-critics on your work
- Never assume anything
- It is better a stupid question than a stupid mistake
- There is always a better way to do
- If you can not measure, you can not control, if you can not control you can not manage

We hope to be your future partner for product development and manufacturing in Asia.

The PAG Management Team

Our company address


PAG Electronics - Shenzhen  

Shahe industry area, Baishizhou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, 518053, China

PAG Electronics - Shanghai

Room 1019, No.100 Nanshan Road, Shanghai, China