Project Management for Electronic Product Development in China

Why Project Management for Electronic Product Development in China is usefull

If you consider developing a new electronics product to offer to the market then you certainly understand what time to market mean and why efficiency is important when developing and manufacturing a product. For this reason, most of time a full time team will be necessary to handle product development while you will be focusing on developing your sales (not to mention the jetlag between where you live and China)

Today 95% of electronics product manufacturing is performed in Asia. China is increasing his skills, capacity, infrastructure, and capability. Government is highly supporting R&D in new technology and more and more advanced high tech company are developing themselves to try to compete with western IC manufacturers. Unfortunately they don't give access to foreign company easily unless you are Apple, Google, or if you are locally based.

Because an electronic product is including several type of components and parts (metal, plastic, rubber), if you want to control fully your product then you will have to manage the supply chain fully from the component till the final assembly. This, not only require to have sourced the right suppliers for each part and component but also to be capable to coordinate and manage them during the whole project.

Because the development of an electronic item involve several engineering field, it is required to coordinate and manage all the resources of those field in the same time: industrial product designer, electronic engineer hardware, electronic engineer firmware, mechanical engineer, raw materials supplier, material processor, components vendor, logistics provider, prototyper , laboratory, assembler, packaging supplier.

For each of them, you have to manage : planning, interaction with other entities, support , monitoring, budget control

One of the main reason why 90% people have idea and don't start is because they don't know where to start, because they don't know how to manage a project in a structured and organized way and because they miss important knowledge both technically and related to the environment (cultural gap / working difference).


How do we handle Project Management related to Product Development in China for an Electronic Product

For each project we contract for, a project engineer having a general engineering  background is allocated to your project and is in charge of taking care of the coordination of all those stakeholder, monitoring them, answering their question and confirming every point that could slow down or stop the evolution of your product development.

This project engineer has a general knowledge of electronic, mechanic, manufacturing and quality control in Asia and he is also in charge to communicate with you about the project follow up. He plays the role of team leader and orchestrate the synergy in the product development team.

We use an online project management system to follow up with every step of your project so that you can also follow up with your product development.


How do we operate Product Development for Electronic and IT item in China

The project engineer is in charge of :

- Build up the team including the skills that get required face to the product technical specification

- Organize the planning for each stakeholder

- Follow up and track  with each stakeholder

- Control and verify goal and milestone are achieved

- Ensure the coordination between each stake holder is smooth

- Is the one stop point for principals communication and reporting


How you can benefit from our Project Management Service for Electronic Product Development in China

We have versatile experience covering: electronics engineering, firmware developpement; user interface customization, mould and casing, prototyping, and manufacturing

Our team become your outsourced development team which is based overseas handling  project which cost is fixed in advance (hence foreseeable), so you get no bad surprise.

Our project management service for electronic product handle all those stakeholder for you from A to Z in a full time way, so you can save time (hence money), remain competitive, arrive quickly on the market with an innovative product and focus on developing your sales volume  instead of thriving with cultural and environment gap, suffering jet lag management, lack of technical knowledge.

Not only we manage with all those hassle for you by handling every brick of your project but we also make available to you our skills and expertise of the electronic asian ecosystem, our engineering background, our knowledge of project management, engineering and manufacturing.

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