Industrial Product Design for Electronic in China

Why perform Industrial Product Design in China for Electronics and IT Product Development

Nowadays, the competition is driven by innovation, marketing and sales. It is particularly true in an economic environment where everything go faster than ever before. In those terms, one way to overcome this issue is to be different than the competition.

If your product is the same than others, you don't make something original, you don't bring innovation and you can not sell your product with high price and high profit margin for the innovation added value that you supply.

Customers are human being and they base their buying decision according to their nature. Charming is one of those leverage which push to buying decision of a product. Product appearance is responsible for charming customer to purchase product. On this base, aesthetic, ergonomic and concept is as much important as functionality that a product supply.

There are an important number of designer on the planet and many have good idea and concept. It works well on paper and on 3D rendering. However, when it comes to the manufacturing capability, if their knowledge in manufacturing process is limited, they might hit the wall finding out their concept, design, material choice and arrangement are not working well for Asian manufacturing and then time and money has been wasted by working on something that could never exist because of manufacturing constraint.


How we help with Industrial Product Design in China for Electronic and IT product  

If Asian industrial designer may know well the manufacturing process and constraint, they may not know necessarily well the western trend and customer requirement. On the opposite, western industrial designers may not be fully up to date or knowledgeable about Asian manufacturing. So, taking one or the other would not optimize the product design.

At PAG Electronics we supply industrial design services performed by western industrial designers having spent several years involved in Asian manufacturing environment. In result, they combine best of both world:  they have double skills and have the advantage of both being western market trend oriented while in the same time they have capability to anticipate Asian manufacturing constraints and issue at the early stage.


How we perform Industrial Design of Electronic and IT product in China

The Industrial Product Designer is in charge of giving an identity to the product:  suggesting appearance, ergonomic, finishing, packaging. Hand to hand with the customer, he specifically defines and set some important key elements of the product.

Particularly, he is in charge of:

-          Perform structured ideation and brain storming

-          Define  market target of a product

-          Establish product concept

-          Suggest shape, material, finishing, style, color of product by considering mechanical and physical configuration

-          Optimize and establish ergonomic of the product

-          Create packaging design


The process is usually performed according to the following steps:

-          Brainstorming and ideation

-          Technical discussion

-          Sketching

-          3D Rendering


How you benefit from our Product Design for Manufacturing in Asia 

For those customers who are based overseas, it is an advantage for them to have access to valuable Industrial Product Designer capable to understand quickly their need while making sure the manufacturing constraint are anticipated even before the engineering is done.


It is a strength to save time by avoiding beginner mistake because it accelerate the product development cycle, the time to market and allow to avoid waste of money.

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