Quality Management for Electronic Manufacturing in China

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Sustaining Quality for Electronic Manufacturing in China

In China, more than anywhere else quality is a big concern when talking about manufacturing process. After so many years managing production under other local factories roof we are able to make a short list of the reason why quality in China remains a big concern:

- Profit: top management like to squeeze cost at maximum to increase margin sometimes by exchanging raw materials. 

- Turn over: if you have chance to compare a western factory (or even a korean one) with a chinese one, you will see that turn over of employee is much higher in China than anywhere else. The worker who was trained last month about one specific product moved to another factory from yesterday to today for a better salary this month and the lack of procedure standardization make that new worker is not really aware of quality standard.

- Communication: most of time, senior overseas buyer will be managed by a young 20 years old fresh graduated with an english background as sales engineer. Communication is distorsed and informations are not transmitted properly, provoking mistake and quality/conformities issues.

- Ressources partiontionning: we have seen several time in the past a phenomena of partionning of white collar and blue collar making that sales people (who consider themselves as white collar) will never go on the production line (because it means they would mix with blue collar = workers low class) to check the production whose they are responsible for. In result, they most of time discover issue in the same time that customer.

- Salary payment terms: some factory pay their employees per pieces and not per hour or per day, resulting in making workers sometimes going too fast to increase their salary. In result, production are made so fast that products are not manufactured properly (glue, paint doesn't have time to dry properly sometimes)

- Anticipation and Responsibility: one of the biggest issue related to quality take source from lack of anticipation and responsibility handling.  


We manage Quality Control at different step of the production

PAG Electronics structured its organization and procedure to manage and optimize quality output for your electronic product manufacturing. Unlikely many company who handle only quality control and inspection at the end of the production line, we handle quality issue at the different stage of the sourcing, procurement and manufacturng process.

It give us full control on the production to avoid quality issue, late delivery, recall and complaint from the market. Our team has a substantial background in product inspection and quality control operation in Asia, and this from South Korea till Indonesia.

Be confident that with our expertise in supply chain management and quality management we have full capability to handle your production and make sure it get exempt from defectives.



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