Electronic Firmware Engineering in China

Why perform firmware coding when doing product development for an electronic product ?

If chipset (Integrated Circuit) is the electronic brain of your product, then firmware (embedded software) is without any doubt the intelligence which is loaded inside this brain and used to perform task, action, operation by getting input in order to generate output. Without any intelligence the IC can not do anything and doesn't worth much more than its weight in silicium.

Unfortunately, when you develop a new product and buy an IC to build this new system, the vendor of the IC  doesn't supply you with the intelligence which you are supposed to load inside the brain of this components to make your product working. The reason of this is because from a single IC you can create so many different kind of system and configuration type that a one size fit all firmware simply doesn't exist. So, this is your duty to develop your own firmware to make the function of your system being active and workable. Those function may include: power management, input and output data management, memory management, data transmission management, ...

Because the firmware is the program managing interface between hardware and software, coding a firmware require both programming  and hardware skills. It also require a solid knowledge in the system architecture you are working on. Without this large knowledge, coding a firmware may be a complex task. It even add up one layer of difficulty when the documentation of the components is only supplied in Chinese language and not very well organized.


What solution we provide for firmware coding during product development of electronic or IT product ?

Firmware is one of the keystone of your electronics product. For this reason, in order to keep full control on the Intellectual Property of the product we develop for you,  (unless very special case) we code firmware in-house and keep having access to the source code.

Our firmware engineer take care to model the embedded software in order to achieve functionality requirement by implementing code development and testing.


How do we perform firmware coding ?

The firmware engineer will be mostly in charge of:

- Developing and coding firmware in order to achieve the product functionality and specification.

- Optimizing the code so that the IC can run the program more efficiently: run faster, with less instruction and consume less power

- Adapt and optimize user interface


What benefit do you get when contracting with us for firmware development

One of the main advantage of making us develop your firmware is you can control your product 100% without being dependant of your manufacturer for any customization you want to do on your product.

We work closely with IC manufacturer in China and Taiwan so we get local support and we have fast response. We can then design and customize firmware quickly and efficiently (which most of the Chinese manufacturer can do as they sub-contract firmware coding to other companies)


It worth mentioning that if duplicate a PCBA is easily doable by reverse engineering, doing so with a compiled firmware without having the source is much more challenging. On this base duplicate a product without having access the firmware is difficult. For this reason, being the only one to have access to it is strategically an advantage.

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