Raw materials selection

Product design activity for electronics and IT products doesn't include only making a product appealing or aesthetically appreciable. Materials used to manufacture products play a key role in how the finished product will be received by customer, how it will be used and where. Choosing a material instead of another one may affect commercial and technical success or failure when entering to the market.

Choice of material is also important considering technical constraint and pricing point. For example, if you plan your product to be a consumer outdoor product submitted to stress and if you choose to make a plastic casing, the plastic material and the brand chosen for this material will not be the same than if your product is dedicated to be used indoor and for industrial environment with humidity.  

Plastic injection and parts making in China for electronics and IT products

Plastic is largely used in electronics and IT products manufacturing due to its cheap cost, molding capability (hence well adapted for mass production), strong capacity to handle shock and environment. It is also used for his high modularity of aesthetic aspect it can be given to.

For same plastic material you may find several different variant via different brand. For example, ABS material from Dupont is much more expensive than an ABS material from Sinopec, Chimei or LG. The resistance to the heat, to the humidity and to a shock will not be the same whereas both plastic are all ABS one.

The raw material has to be chosen according to the specifications, constraints of use. You will probably not use the same kind of plastic for a consumer alarm clock supposedly to be used in door and in a static place than for a mobile phone supposedly to be used in dirty roadwork outdoor environment.

PAG Electronics got deep understanding of those differences and consideration points. Leveraging our experience from manufacturing and plastic injection, we helps our customers to find the proper equation between technical and commercial point. 


Metal part molding, casting and machining in China for electronic and computer products

Metal can be used in product for several reason: mostly it will be for aesthetic aspect, thermal dissipation reason, shape and resistance constraint. Each material got his own specificity: some of them are highly thermally dissipative and allow to evacuate while other rather isolating. Some of them are well adapted to make a product light but in the other side it will not be strong enough to handle stress.

Making the choice of the right material (aluminium, zinc, tangsten, copper, steel etc...) combined to the right process (casting, extrusion or machining) may influence highly the price of a part and its performance.

Find the right material combined with the right pricing point can be challenging and can lead to complication on a later stage. For this reason PAG Electronics engineering team can support you with this heavy task to find the right material for your specific application.



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