Tooling and Molding

Performing tooling and die manufacturing in China for electronics product

When high quantity of a product including plastic and metal parts are planned to be sold, hence being manufactured then the question to create a mould to generate this mass production of part is not asked anymore; it becomes a necessity to reduce cost per unit.

Mould and die, acting as a negative footprint (giving birth to a positive part), because they are unique like a sculpture made by an artist, require skills, time,  face risk of failure, hence are costly. Human time spent on a mould is high and for this reason mould cost in western countries is higher than in Asia. A high number of parameters may fail the process of the tooling or give a result which is not the expected one.

Investment in mould can be significant and for this reason quality assurance, quality control, monitoring and project management are essential to avoid issue. Most of time, mistake made by tooling manufacturers come from misunderstanding the situation, the product, the process and not really from their skills.

Mould cost can be highly variable: it depends on the nature of the parts to make, number of part to produce, estimated life cycle of the mould, material type used to manufacture the parts, etc...

Sometimes, manufacturer oversize the mould face to the requirement making it become more expensive than it could be whereas it is unnecessary.

Monitoring and assisting tool maker in China

During your mould or die manufacturing, we act as the watchdog to make sure the tooling cost is not oversized by tool maker.

To make sure the specification are well understood, we will also discuss the mould parameter with the tool maker: cavity number, injection parameters, injection point, ejector position, ratio of recycled plastic, finishing of the mould, ...

Hand to hand with the tool maker, we bring our knowledge, skills and experience to optimize the mould configuration. In order to achieve efficiently the desired result, we assist and support the mould manufacturing process by guiding the tool maker in the right direction from the beginning till the end directly in the workshop.

How to operate tooling project in China

Tooling manufacturing is supervised by the mechanical engineer and the project engineer who are both in charge of assisting the tool maker in its fabrication process. Main tasks will be:

                    - Discuss mould parameters and configuration

                    - Optimize mould configuration and part extraction process

                    - Verify and implement corrective action plan of first shot for parts

                    - Operate constant follow up and supervision of the tool fabrication

                    - Perform quality control during and at the end of the fabrication

How you benefit from our tooling and die manufacturing monitoring and project management

We mostly work with experienced local tool maker specialized in electronics item or parts requiring high precision. Those local company mostly serve other local companies such as Chinese manufacturer. In consequence, because they are not working with overseas companies there customer support is quite limited and they don't speak English.

We play the bridge to fill the gap Asia vs West to ensure this critical part of the manufacturing is a  success.

You can delegate to us the heavy task to explain and manage local Chinese tool maker and focus your time on developing your sales.

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