Electronic Product Certification in China

Why the Certification for Electronic Product in China at the end of Product Development

States, countries, laws and regulation are becoming more and more strict about consumer safety, and environment protection. States also tend to standardized in order to regulate as much as possible product entering on their ground.  Everyday containers full of electronics prodcut being not compliant are trashed by customs at the border because importers didn't look at certification issue. Yet, laws and regulation are not the same everywhere and different continents (sometimes even different countries) don't require the same certification.

If there are international law for safety and environment there is also technology standard certification to meet. Some technology such as wireless one require to be certified according to their own set of parameters. If you plan to have to certified your product against water and dust, you may need IP certification, and if your product is supposed to be located in an dangerous explosive environment then you will need ATEX certification...

Electronic products are particularly targeted by those trend and the market is more and more regulated by a minimum of quality standard level to achieve to be legally allowed to sell those products in destination market.

Achieving or not those quality standard can be related to several different parameters decided during the product development phase, during the procurement and during the manufacturing: it can be related to the design of the product, related to the component selected to make the product, and even to the way product is manufactured.


Solution we provide to Test and Certify Electronic Product in China

We have high experience in knowing how to design properly a product and select material in order to be able to achieve those strict western quality standard. Our hardware engineer and mechanical engineer are used to work according CE, Rohs, FCC, UL, FDA and WEEE standard, so that they can optimize the probability to make your product being certifiable from the first shot.

As requirement of making a single product being compliant with several different regulation having different parameters, they also take care to make that all those regulations requirement are met in one single product in once.

We also have a wide knowledge about all those technical standard involving to certify your product to be able to sell and market a product including some particular technology. A few examples: bluetooth SIG, SAR, LNE, etc...

We work hand to hand with ISO 17025 and ILAC accredited lab to optimize product and pass certification for laws and regulation compliance.


What do we do to certify electronic and IT product in China after or during the Product Development phase

Those tasks are handle by project engineer in charge of coordinate all the stakeholder of the product development, he will be particularly in charge of :

                - Study the law regulation to achieve to make your product legally sellable on your market

                - Watchout that your product is developped in order to be compliant with those standard

                - Coordinate lab testing and certification of your product


How you can benefit from our service of electronic product testing and certification in China

Not only you benefit a cheaper price to certify your product by leveraging our good contact with accredited lab, but you also enjoy that we handle communication with different organization to make sure your product will be compliant.


By delegating your certification process to us, you also enjoy that development and certification are linked together, ensuring you that we develop your product in a way that certification will be passed anyway. 

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