The market of the pico projector is on the phase to become more and more mature. The miniaturization of the lens, and video module for projection has drastically reduced the size of normal projector, letting a gap to be filled with picoprojector.


Picoprojector can be used with computer but more particuliary recently with handheld product: tablet mid, mobilephone, external and portable media player.


Electronic Development of Pico Projector


- electronic design of picoprojector


- electronic development of picoprojector




What special here


Electronic Development and Design of picoprojector require some important skills in electronic and optics. Optics and Electronics play an essential part of the design as the electronics in charge of signal processing while optics directly influence the result of the projection of the video on a surface.  Those elements hence need to be chosen carefully and calibrated properly to fit market requirement.


Resolution, frame rate, contrast, brightness, color are just a few elements which get taken in consideration on electronics parts. Choosing the right electronics component is not necessarily easy but remains a MUST DO PROPERLY if you want to achieve an acceptable result in terms of video quality.  A great care is also devoted to light emission device which direclty influence the final result of the projected image.




Our Electronic Product Development company based in China already faced experience about picoprojector manufacturing and development. We have the confidence in our capability to accompany you in developing picoprojector in order for you to enter on the market with a product which could compete with current major.


Our electronic engineering service can define the system architecture adapted to your need, perform routing, pcb layout design, gerber file establishment and code the appropriate firmware to make every function is ready available.


Our western design team via our industrial design service can study with you different possibility to create your external casing and other part in order to optimize ergonomic, functionality and any other material, color to fit with the targeted market and public you want to reach



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