Mechanical Engineering for Electronic Product Development in China

Why perform Mechanical Enginering in China for Electronic Product Development

An electronic product is generally made of a PCBA being wrapped and positioned into a physical mechanical enclosure which play the role or carter. Interaction with other machine, accessories or human can be done with mechanical elements such as plug, button, switch, indicator or any other element of communication (connector, antenna, etc...).

If  body and skeleton of your product are made of mechanical parts, especially if those parts are in motion and subject to an important aging by an intense use, or even if static parts such as enclosure are subjects to tough environment constraints, then those mechanical pieces may play an important role in the fact that product is functioning or not.

If your product doesn't work anymore after having pushed 100 time a press button because the structure of the part was badly designed, if the connector of a SD card doesn't fit the hole of the enclosure because assembly simulation where not performed properly,  if your enclosure is cracking itself at -10°C because material selection was improper, or if your parts wastage are 50% instead of 0.5% when performing plastic injection because the shape of the parts was not corrected to handle high temperature and pressure, then you may understand why mechanical engineering have to be taken seriously before engaging in the next step of the product development and manufacturing.

Industrial Product Designer may have good idea and concept, however although they may have some material background, they are mostly not educated to validate mechanically a structure, calculate a material robustness, consider manufacturing process optimization, consider electronic specificity, and handle other practical point which are related to the mechanical engineering field. For this reason, the involvement of a mechanical engineer is required.


Why we handle Mechanical Design for Electronic Product in China

We are well aware about mechanical issues that manufacturing can meet and our experience indicates that a high number of principals neglect quite often mechanical engineering phase thinking this activity is only subject to generate a CAD file. Yet, it is doing much more...

Our Mechanical Engineering Service supply valuable analyze and feedback to avoid our customer to face with issue related to mechanical point.

We verify and validate that product concept is physically and technically achievable (both in terms of physical structure and in terms of manufacturing process) before going on the next step of the product development by performing modeling and simulation. If it is not, then we will correct and adjust the product by taking in consideration the whole set of parameters of the project.

In terms of manufacturing, because most of time plastic and metal parts needs to be manufactured in high quantity, then tooling become a necessary process and often they are expensive. So, you have one shot to make them proper from the beginning if you don't want to waste time and money by constantly correcting them. For this reason, simulation is good choice to make sure all the parts fit properly


What do we perform during Mechanical Engineering phase of Electronic Product Development

The Mechanical Engineer will particularly handle the following:

- Validate or correct the industrial designer assignment (material selection, shape, assembly)

- Test strength and robustness of the parts and enclosure

- Verify the manufacturing process can be achieved and is optimized

- Simulate part assembly

- Make sure plastic injection, die casting or metal stamping can be achieved

- Verify heat dissipation can be performed properly

- Simulate aging test of part face to stress test

- The assembly process is optimized for asian manufacturing

- Dust and IP resistance is achieved if necessary

- Access to part being maintain

- Electromagnetic emission threshold is respected

- Generate 2D plan and CAD file so the prototyping and mould manufacturing can be executed

- Calculate the cost of the mechanical part


Benefit you enjoy while delegating your mechanical engineering to us

By using our Mechanical Engineering Services you benefit from our expertise and experience in terms of asian manufacturing, material, and structure knowledge. We will optimize mechanically your product so the assembly can be smooth, fast and optimized for asian manufacturing.

Parts having the need to take in consideration electronics components constraints, the mechanical engineering will work closely with electronic hardware engineering to make sure PCBA and parts can be assembled together properly and that heat dissipation due to electronics components can be performed properly trough the parts.

The same mechanical engineer will follow up with the tool manufacturer to ensure the tooling are realized accordingly and parts can be molded without any problem.

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