Feasability Study for Electronic Product Development in China

Why performing a feasability study when doing product development for electonic in China

Electronics industry being a wide environment, product type can vary very highly depending on a high number of parameters: application, end user requirement, functionality, external constraint, environment, market trend etc...

In a result, it may be difficult in only a few minutes or hours to verify the capability to develop and manufacture a product within strict technical requirement and agreed pricing without having done a minimum of investigation.


How we perform the electronic feasability study for product development in China

When customer or principal come to us with limited knowledge of product development, material cost and manufacturing process, while being very directive about price sensibility or functionality to achieve;  before involving them with development fees, we usually propose them to perform a short feasibility study which intend to estimate roughly the technologies current available on the market capable to realize what function they need to achieve, and to estimate their related to cost.

The feasability study can also be a good way to evaluate the capacity to use the base of an already existing item that get adapted instead of starting from scratch a whole new project.


What do we do during a feasability study

Our team will study deeply your technical specifications and target price, and will define bottle neck and key element which affect the pricing and the realization capability of your product.

We will scan the market to perform a verification of rough price of estimated key components to some local suppliers  which may affect functionnality, specification and price.


Benefits of performing a feasability study 

Realizing a such feasibility study allow to mitigate the risk to start involving fund while ending up with a result different that what is expected. It gives a diligently advice about the go/nogo  to start the development of your product based on your requirement.

We have seen in the past, some of our competitors starting project without performing feasibility study by promising a target price to their customer that in the end they could not achieve discovering during the engineering phase they overpromised their customer by undervaluing the cost of the bill of material. In result the customer was taken in hostage in the middle of the project with as choice loosing development fee or going with an unsellable product on his market

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