About Electronic Product Development and Manufacturing

Who is PAG ?

- PAG Electronics said P. A. G Electronics is a western owned and managed product development and manufacturing company based in Shenzhen specialized in accelerating product development and optimizing manufacturing in Asia in the electronic field.

Our company is legally registered both in Hong Kong and in China (110 KUSD of fully remitted capital) and is fully accredited by the Chinese government to perform import / export procedure, and assembly on its own.

Our team is made of western engineer, industrial product designer and Chinese technical sourcer and merchandiser who all got several years of experience in the asian manufacturing and product development environment.


What Services do we provide:

                - Consulting

                               - Feasability sutdy          

                - Industrial Product Design

                               - Brainstorming

                               - Sketching

                               - 3D Rendering

                               - Packaging design

                - System Engineering

                - Electronic Design


- Component Selection

- Schematics edition                                    

- PCB Design

- PCB Layout

- PCB Routing

                               EMBEDDED SOFTWARE                               

                                               - Firmware Programming

                - Mechanical Design

                               - Plan edition                   

                               - CAD Drawing

                               - Assembly simulation

                               - Stress Simulation

                               - Injection Simulatio

                - Software engineering

                               - Android

                               - iOs

                               - Linux

                               - Windows

                               - PHP Mysql

                - Prototyping

                               - SLA

                               - SLS

                               - CNC Machining

                               - 3D printing

                               - Assembly

                               - Testing

                - Certification

                               - CE

                               - ROHS 

                               - FCC

                               - WEE

                               - Bluetooth

                               - SAR

                - Documentation Management

                               - Product Quality Manual  / SOP Edition

                               - Supplier Contract edition

                - Mould and Die Manufacturing


                                               - Plastic Injection Mould

                                               - Silicone and ruber Mould


                                               - Die Stamping

                                               - Die Casting

                - Procurement

                               - Sourcing

                               - Supplier coordination

                - Manufacturing

                               - Plastic processing

                               - Metal Processing

                               - PCB Manufacturing

                               - PCB Assembly

                               - Final Production Assembly

                - Quality Control

                               - Conformity and Authenticity verification         

                               - Incoming Quality Control

                               - During Production Quality Control and Monitoring

                               - Final Quality control

                - Logistics

                               - Storage

                               - Inventory Management

                               - Dropshipping




How do i get started

- Send us specification and as much details as you can


Do I need full specification to start

 - Better but if you don't have we can work with you to establish them via feasability study




What industry do you serve

-See application area



Which technology you work with

- Microcontroler

- RF





What about my IP


- see how we protect ip



How do you handle project

- With pragmatic, technical and marketing way: we consider customer side, but also manufacturing side. We believe in system, process and organization. We consider every product like a system, every team like an organization.

What project do you prefer

- Complex project where high added value, expertise and knowledge is necessary.We also of course manage with small project with low added value, we prefer to face complex situation so we can value our expertise. this is one of the main difference between doing some procurement only and developing product: complexity is much high in product development.


Which Project Management methodology do you use ?

                -  for Project management we use agile methodology

                - for software developpemnt with use V cycle


What software do you use for product development

                - Rhino for product design

                - Pro E / Unigraphics / Solidworks for Mechanical engineering

                - MPLAB / IAR for electronics design

                - PADS Layour / ORCAD and Altium for PCB Design


Are you capable to make any kind of product

- This is the strength of our company: When overseeing a project our approach is not to consider a product type as what most of manufacturers do, but as system consideration. Because of our approach to consider any product as a general system, we have capability to deal potetnially with any kind of item without knowing them in the beginning.


Are you capable to operate reverse engineering

- Yes we do



Do you handle with manufacturing ?

- Yes we do


Can I use your service to perform procurement of finished goods?

- Yes you can, in this case another business unit of our company will handle this as it doesn't require the same skills


Do you have MOQ

 - We talk in terms of PO value and not in terms of MOQ


Do you manufacture yourself ?

- We manufacture in our own assembly area product which get IP sensible.



What about quality

 - As our core team comes from manufacturing, quality control and engineering, we took the good habits from the beginning : we perform quality control at different stage of the development, procurement and manufacturing following some strict quality assurance procedure. On this base, by multiplying control check point (whereas most of other companies don't) at different steps of the supply chain we diminish drastically risk to get defectives, no conform product.


What about certification of my product

- We are not a laboratory capable to certify your product however we work closely with both famous and unfamous laboratory (still capable to deliver certification)


What about warranty

- We guarantee 12 month our work and product that get manufactured via us.



What about tooling

- tooling is belonging to you



What kind of client do you serve

- We mostly serve Small and Medium Enterprise having the wish to outsource their development directly to a competent firm based in Asia, capable to handle product development from A to Z while coordinating several stakeholder: part and material supplier,  manufacturer, engineer, logistic third party,



What king of budget can I expect to develop a product ?

- The development cost depend on so much parameters that it is impossible to find a one fit for all answer to this question. We recommend you to contact us with as much information as possible about your project after what we can estimate the necessary amount. In the past we have quoted from  5K USD an extremely simple product to develop until 150K+ USD project for highly complex product.


Can you reach my target price ?

- See our feasability study service



How long the Product development phase is lasting ?

- Again, here it is extremely variable depending on the product complexity. From our experience a full project starting from scratch requiring to make some tooling and certification take minimum 2 month and until 10 months (because of some certification process being long)



Our company address


PAG Electronics - Shenzhen  

Shahe industry area, Baishizhou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, 518053, China

PAG Electronics - Shanghai

Room 1019, No.100 Nanshan Road, Shanghai, China