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Overview about Screen Advertising Engineering

The market of the Screen Digital Advertising  is omnipresent in our daily life. Screen are displaying advertising and marketing campaign on site via LCD, LED, and any other design where goods or services get purchased.

Technical innovation are constantly running to attract attention and analyze behavior and reaction of potential target. This area of electronic device is subject to constant product development as it is turning from passive viewing to interactive one: camera, kinect, motion sensor, augmented reality...

Products in this area are mostly being :

- POP-AD : Point of Purchase Advertisement in shop, restaurant, or any other public area (lift, lobby)
- Screen Advertising Mounted Device: Mounted Device in  Bus, Taxi, Train and any other transportation area
- Handheld video brochure for marketing collateral


Our capability cover the Electronic Development of Screen Display Advertising

- electronic design of screen display advertising
- electronic development of screen display advertising
- mechanical engineering for screen display advertising and mounted device
- firmware customization and user interface ergonomic optimization


What special when designing and manufacturing Screen Advertising Display

Electronic Development and Design of screen display advertising challenge is driven by an important number of parameters: environment and conditions (temperature, humidity, etc..), energy saving, aging , reliability, software adaptation for user interface and user experience optimization.

Customer may tend sometime to consider consumer electronics item to use in a professional or even so called "industrial" environment. Product used for consumer target are not really the same than the one used for hard conditions of running (long time running, subject to cold and hot temperature, high number of manipulation by customers).


Working with us for your project of Screen Advetising Product Development

For long our product development and engineering firm has been facing challenge of Electronic Screen Display Advertising device set up in complex environment. Actually, we have been involved in this field since the beginning or our set up, so it is a part of our core business.

We have a reliable knowledge of electronics components, system, firmware and software engineering for this type of product. Whatever, you need a simple video brochure for an event or to set up a wider network of thousand set top box all controlled by a single advertising server we have confidence in our capability to support your needs.

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