Telecommunication and Network Electronic Product Development

Product Development of Telecom and Network Products in China

Since 1990 with development of telecommunication and network to transfer data has increased exponentially. It becomes common for us now to use so many items helping us improve our communication and our connectivity.

Most known application for telecommunication and networks product development are :

- Modem
- Switch
- Router
- Hub
- PBX device
- Server
- Gateway
- Optical fiber  
- Antenna

Those products can be for personal use or for professional one.

Correlated domain are related to :

- Wireless devices and Radio Frequency devices
- Wire devices
- Optical fiber related devices


Electronic Product Development of Telecom and Network items

- electronic design of telecom and network items
- electronic development of telecom and network items
- mechanical engineering for telecom and network items
- firmware customization and user interface ergonomic optimization


What special when developing and manufacturing your telecom and network device in China

For telecommunication and network advice the true challenge is to be able to make sure devices are compatible with all other devices on the planet and that they are compliant with international standard of telecommunication and network.

Other challenges are related to the high level of engineering which need to be dedicated for develop products capable to handle properly Digital Signal Process and treatment.

For devices related to wireless and radio frequency, challenges are numerous : range, power, interferance, coding methodology, security and encryption,


Work with us to develop and manufacture your telecommunication and network devices

Our core team and founder are issued from the domain of telecommunications, they have been graduated with Msc Electronic Engineering majoring with Telecommunication. They have worked in telecommunication industry specialized in Digital Signal Processing for x-DSL devices.

Our company is also ideally located in Shenzhen where all the major asian telecommunication manufacturers and suppliers are located (Huawai, ZTE, and many others). We have direct access to IC manufacturers specialized in telecommunications and wireless devices. 

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PAG Electronics - Shenzhen  

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